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WeYield Car Rental Revenue Management Forum Berlin Edition 7 March, 2019 

Sébastien Scholastique - Jumbo Guadeloupe

Daily Pricing in car rental: The daily pricing structure used since ages by the hotel industry seems to be so exotic for car rental operators. Not really in fact. As a matter of fact, Jumbo Car (a subsidiary of Carribean GBH group) has implemented the daily pricing for its rate management. Sebastien, the Pricing Manager, will detail how he is playing with this great innovation.

Vassilis Devletoglou - Wheels (Invensys)

Pricing module: Pricing and rate management modules are crucial in car rental operations. Wheels have developed a smart and efficient daily pricing feature to break the “bloody-old-static” duration band structure. Vassilis' team also offers a pretty original functionality: receiving a reservation in which the price attached has been generated by an external pricing system (like for Greenmotion).

Olivier Jager - FowardKeys

Exceptional event impact on tourist arrival: Olivier is Founder and CEO of the reference for global traveler intelligence. Fortunate or unfortunate events have an impact on the way the travelers behave and see a destination. Olivier will present his analysis on how the French demonstrators ‘gilets jaunes’ impacted La Réunion island since November 2018.

Gabriel Tissandier - WeProov

Proov Station: WeProov is a fast growing French company having built the world number 1 trusted third party inspection app that allows companies and drivers to create instantly certified visual evidence of car condition to optimize professionals’ activities and clients' satisfaction. WeProov will introduce the innovation “Proov Station”, the first Automated Car Damage Detection Station, the second product of WeProov’s trusted inspection ecosystem.“

"We enjoyed very much the forum and learned many important concepts, so all the ativity was very productive. We appreciate you do this type of events. That really make a difference."

Katia Enriquez | Commercial Director Adobe Costa Rica